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What is your favorite historic building in Glendale and why?

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Vrej Agajanian

The Doctors House is one of the last Queen Anne/Eastlake style Victorian homes left in Glendale. A beautiful work of art which housed notable doctors and scientists in Glendale’s history. It is a wholesome and educational experience for children and residents looking to learn about Glendale architecture, history, and anthropology.


We have so many beautiful structures in Glendale that it is difficult to have one favorite. However, the newly redone Grand Central Air Terminal is probably my favorite. When touring the building, you can actually feel the history that took place in that building and because of that building.


418 Kenneth Road (“Cedar Knoll”), the home I grew up in and still own. It is Number 72 on the Historic List of Residences.

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Grant Michals

While there are many historic places that have my interest, Rockhaven is closest to me in many ways. Geographically, I live a block away from Rockhaven, and have had an interest in the property since settling in Montrose. I became active with Friends of Rockhaven and was invited to join the board, before being appointed to the Parks Commission. Since then, I have worked with FoR on the Tour and Cleaning days and advocated for the property as president of the Montrose Neighborhood Association. I am pleased to see homes such as the Bonetto House, the Goode House and the Stone House on Angeles added to the Glendale Historic Register and want to see more properties, such as Rockhaven, added. Additionally, I support the creation of historic districts.  As president of the MVSNA, we had Lorna Vartanian present the process of creating an historic district to the Sparr Heights neighborhood.


My favorite historic building in Glendale is the unique public library and Art Gallery at Brand Library. It defines historic Glendale and is the former private residence of real estate developer Leslie Brand, one of the original founders of our jewel city, who bestowed upon Glendale his utility company which is now known as Glendale Water and Power.  Additionally, our main thoroughfare in Glendale, Brand Boulevard, is named in his honor.

 My wife and I often visit Brand Library with friends for recitals for their summer music events and their many interesting speaker talks.  Brand Library provides free services and programs for a diverse community. The feeling of history and this magnificent building's beauty is felt each time we visit and, can you imagine, there is no entrance fee. Yes, Glendale's jewel, for sure.

My favorite historical building in Glendale is El Miradero, the former residence of Leslie Brand. It is perhaps the most ornate and richly decorated home in Glendale. It is a throwback to the "golden era" in Los Angeles. The building set the stage for hope and optimism for the future of Glendale.

My favorite historic building in Glendale is Grand Central Air Terminal. I watched the rehabilitation process through the various stages and really like the end result, which I understand is very close to its original appearance.

There’s a Craftsman house – 350 Riverdale – across the street from my apartment. The lost art of the front porch. It’s gorgeous.

So many magnificent historic buildings and you ask me to choose one! My favorite, although it is not the one I am most familiar with, is the Brockmont Clock Tower. I fell in love with this quirky landmark during my brisk exercise walks and spent some time wondering about it before learning that it had been designated and added to the City’s register of historic resources. It towers above its neighborhood, a beacon of Glendale architectural history, to inspire, amuse and inform our sensibilities. For these reasons, I will callit my favorite.