A Glendale that celebrates and preserves its history and architectural heritage to enhance the community today and in future generations. 


The mission of TGHS is to celebrate and preserve Glendale's history and architectural heritage through advocacy, education and outreach. 

  • Identify and advocate for the preservation of Glendale’s historic resources;

  • Conserve  Glendale’s historic character;

  • Educate the public about Glendale’s history and architectural heritage;

  • Engage the community in celebrating and preserving Glendale’s history and architectural heritage;

  • Discover and share the stories of people and communities in Glendale that have been overlooked; and

  • Operate and ensure responsible stewardship of the Doctors House Museum.


Preservation Advocacy

  • Historic Resources Survey for East-West Glendale Community Plan and Historic Resources Survey for North Glendale

  • Advocate for more Qualified City Preservation Planning Staff

  • Paid TGHS Staff with Expertise in Historic Preservation

  • More Active Role in Landmark and Historic District Nominations in South Glendale


  • Increase Membership to 1000

  • Increase Diversity of Membership to Better Reflect Glendale’s Population


  • Create Founders Legacy Society to encourage Charitable giving through estate planning

  • Enhance sponsorship levels and benefits to attract more local business support

  • Build the Community Foundation of the Verdugos TGHS Endowment to $100,000

  • Double Preservation Advocacy Fund to $60,000

Doctors House

  • Prepare a Condition Assessment Report, develop a Preservation Plan and ensure adequate funding for implementation

  • Digitize the House’s collection and records using museum software


  • An engaged and informed population of Real Estate Agents who understand what it means to live in a Historic District and own a Glendale Register property

  • Continue to have an active role in Landmark and Historic District nominations