Steve Hunt Elected President of TGHS
TGHS News Release   I   08/23/2018

California Register of Historical Resources now lists the Glendale Civic Auditorium as a Landmark
Glendale News-Press  |  02/06/2018

The future of Rockhaven: reopen as a mental health center or turn into a shopping center?
Glendale News-Press   I   02/25/2016

Glendale Masonic Temple finds new life as an office building with new tenants possibly to come
Glendale News-Press   I   01/22/2016

Three sites added to Glendale's historic register; Masonic Temple given Mills Act designation
Los Angeles Times   I   12/11/2015

Miss 'Mad Men'? Glendale home tour offers peek inside midcentury classics
Los Angeles Times   I   09/26/2015

On the Town: History supporters raise the roof at 1926 home
Glendale News-Press   I   08/18/2015

Developer gets go-ahead on Masonic Temple project
Glendale News-Press   I   04/17/2015

Americana at Brand developer looks to buy, restore historic Masonic Temple
Glendale News-Press   I   04/09/2015

Rick Caruso Shares His Preservation-Friendly Plans for Glendale's Masonic Temple
Los Angeles Magazine   I   04/07/2015

Letter: Candidates address preservation
Glendale News-Press   I   03/10/2015

Owners can tear down house in Brockmont historic district
Glendale News-Press   I   10/15/2014

Glendale Historical Society Raises the Bar
Glendale News-Press   I   08/29/2014

Historical Society presents first 'Gala and Benefit'
Glendale News-Press   I   08/26/2014

'Romantic Revivals' Glendale home tour set for Sept. 27
Los Angeles Times   I   08/26/2014

Glendale Preservation Commission to rule on historic home
Glendale News-Press   I   07/15/2014

Glendale City Council approves $833M budget
Glendale News-Press   I   06/5/2014

Proposed fee increase related to historic properties draws concern
Glendale News-Press   I   05/29/2014

Letter: Rockhaven would remain historic
Glendale News-Press   I   05/28/2014

Historical society concerned about Brockmont home
Glendale News-Press   I   05/10/2014

Rockhaven may open for development
Glendale News-Press   I   04/23/2014

Doctors House shows good health in report
Glendale News-Press   I   03/21/2014

On the Town: Doctors House Museum reopens its doors
Glendale News-Press   I   01/07/2014